Anon Music is home for Anon aka Anna Sitko

Anon started expressing her love for music as a DJ, as well as running record labels and importing music. She also co-founded the radio show Echolocation, which was picked up by Ninja Tune’s sister online hub, PirateTV. Simulteanously, her DJ career was expanding and she was playing for crowds from 200 to 10,000 with the likes of Richard Devine, Adam Freeland, L’Usine, Uberzone, Juan Atkins and more. Knowing that she was missing a vital element in her career, Anon turned her focus to writing her own material. Her first live performance took place in Los Angeles alongside Tipper. The LA Weekly immediately followed up with a glowing review:

“…While the vibe was more listening party than blowout, that didn’t stop the baby-faced Anon from laying down the evening’s most thrilling set. She’s got an IDM rep, but this was a warm, most un-nerdy strain of the style.”

Her current writing styles range from dancefloor to leftfield and incorporate everything from meticulous sound design to vocals. She continues to produce for film and commercials, makes up half of the duo Saint Le Roq (with official remixes for Tegan and Sara, Sam Sparro and more) and is currently preparing several ep releases slated for 2014.

“Anon’s “String Theory” sounds like a 23rd century Kronos Quartet…” – PopMatters

“Of the remix/review section of allOfme.hyde, “MOS (Anon’s taming the beast mix)” is the standout track. The breakbeats are broken down into tiny shards of static pop and the nearly organic sounding melodies are allowed to unwind in the now deserted playing field. It’s a Stefan Betke (Pole) vision…” – Igloo Mag